Congratulations to Inman News writers for wins at the 63rd Annual Journalism Awards.


Many congratulations from the REmessenger team to the Inman News writers who took home  four awards, including three first-place finishes, at the National Association of Real Estate Editors’ 63rd Annual Journalism Awards.

Andrea V. BrambilaPaul Hagey, and Ken Harney won for stories including “RPR a drain on NAR finances,” which looked into difficulties the National Association of Realtors has faced in building Realtor Property Resource, a national property database for members; “10 Prime Real Estate Markets for First-Time Buyers“, which analyzed FHA loan data to identify the 10 hottest markets among first-time homebuyers; and ”To pull or not to pull,” examining the implications of a decision by Minnesota’s largest brokerage, Edina Realty, to withhold listings data from national websites like and Trulia.

Don’t forget, you have access to all of these great  stories from Inman News to redistribute in your REmessenger newsletters and send to your clients and colleagues.

Great special to mark Memorial Day, save 25% off REmessenger Professional subscription


From today until Friday May 31 we’re pleased to offer 25% off the regular price of the REmessenger Professional Subscription to mark Memorial Day.

To purchase simply go to the Pricing and Plans page and select the special offer.

You can also use this special offer to renew your existing REmessenger subscription – just make sure you log in during the purchase process and your subscription will be extended for 12 months.

How REmessenger handles email bounces and non delivery


REmessenger keeps track of your email bounces – this is when you send an email, but for some reason it is undeliverable and instead it is ‘bounced’ back, usually with a message indicating the reason.

There are two types of bounces:

 1. Soft

A soft bounce is where the problem is most likely temporary, for example, the recipient’s email box is full.

2. Hard

A hard bounce means that the email can never be delivered using the available details. Usually this is because the email address is invalid in some way, perhaps the recipient does not have a mail box at the mail server, or the mail server itself does not exist.

If you have bounces, REmessenger will indicate these on your Contact Lists. The red ‘Stop’ symbol indicates we have recorded a hard bounce, and we will not send any more messages to that email address. A Contact that has experienced soft bounces is highlighted with a yellow triangle. You can hover your mouse over the symbols for further details.


If one of your Contacts returns a hard bounce we will not send any more email to that email address. REmessenger can be penalised by the email reputation and anti-spam monitoring companies if we continue to send emails to a non-existent email address. We work hard to keep our reputation with these companies as strong as possible, because this increases the reliability of delivery of your emails. Some large email and ISP companies, such as AOL, Comcast and Microsoft will penalize email senders if their reputation scores are not good – or even refuse to accept messages for their users.

For soft bounces we’ll continue to try and deliver your emails to them, however, if a high number of soft bounces occur for an email address we may discontinue sending, usually once we reach seven or more bounces over a period of time.

Image: Samuel Huron

New Feature: Preview news stories in full on REmessenger

We’ve launched a great new feature today – real time previews of the News Stories before you add them to Messages. Some people have commented that the list of available news stories down the left hand side of the edit Message page doesn’t always give you enough information to choose stories most appropriate to your newsletter.

You’ve always been able to click on the title of a story to open the story’s own web page, but this is a little clumsy and time consuming.

Now if you hover your mouse pointer over the title of a story a window will popup displaying the full story. When you move your mouse away, the window will close.

We have enabled this feature for all REmessenger users, but if it’s all a bit too much for you, there is an checkbox at the bottom of the news story list called ‘Live preview of News Stories’. Just uncheck this and the previews will turn off.


REmessenger now has live preview of news stories.